2950 hanging issue

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Sep 2 19:19:43 CDT 2009

> We have dell 2950 2CPU/Quad core with 8GB.
> We see servers goes hung state randomly.
> We are in touch Dell support and Deset report does not show any hardware
> issues.
> Please let me know any other way to diagnose issues

Enable the Magic SysRq key in the kernel (and test that it works!) and
then when the servers hang try SysRq+L or the like.  If you get a
response it's the kernel that's stuck waiting for something, and the
info printed to the console might tell you what.

If SysRq+B doesn't even reboot the hung machine, then it's likely a
hardware problem...or the keyboard driver has frozen too ;-)


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