Question about iDRAC6 express and remote console

Henry-Nicolas Tourneur hntourneur at
Wed Sep 2 07:09:08 CDT 2009


I did just bought a few r710 for my company and I got a question about
the DRAC6 express edition.

In the past, I did work with the DRAC5 card and I was able to get a
console on ttyS1 (Linux) via the ssh prompt of the DRAC card. What I
needed in order to do that was to tell Linux to accept connections on
ttyS1 and to tell the DRAC to allow me to connect to com2 port (via the
connect com2 command). The connect com2 command doesn't exist anymore.

My final goal is to get a remote console to my Linux server using the
DRAC ip address (I don't want to connect a serial console cable per
server). Any idea on how to do that with my iDRAC6 express card ?

Henry-Nicolas Tourneur

System Administrator - MAC Telecom

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