PowerEdge T300 - Questions about Raid and Hot Swapping

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Hi Rubén, Welcome to the list.

>First question,
>If a drive where to fail and I had to swap it with the system running,
>Do I have to do anything on the OS do I just have to open the bay,
>pull the drive, insert a new one and wait till it rebuilds?


>Second question,
>Does the raid rebuilds it self automatically upon insertion of a new drive?

By default, I believe it does, yes.

>Now to the third question,
>If I wanted to change the drives, from the 250GB ones to 1TB ones,
>How would I do this?
>Can I exchange one of the drives, wait till it rebuilds,
>exchange another, wait,
>exchange the other one, wait
>and exchange the final one?

You can just do disk-swaps like this, however AFAIK the controller will not
automatically expand the volume, so you will have the original 750GB volume
RAID5'd across the four disks, and about 2.3TB of free space. This wouldn't
prevent you from creating another volume in the free space however and mounting
it separately - on /home for example.

>Will the card detect this and rebuild using the hard drives or do I
>have to halt the system and rebuild the array and reinstall

If you don't mind creating a separate volume then I believe everything can be
done online using OMSA. If you want to swap all the disks out so that you have
one 3TB volume across all disks, then you will probably have to start again from
scratch with a new volume and a fresh install, although you could make use of a
system imaging app to do the legwork for you.

>The only raids I've worked with have been built using software.

You'll find that hardware RAID is a revelation ;-).

Best Regards, 

Richard Garner AMBCS

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