R710 compatibility

Landreth, Kevin klandreth at theplanet.com
Tue Mar 31 08:50:54 CDT 2009

CentOS 4.6 doesn't, but CentOS 5.2 does in our initial testing.  Haven't
tried fedora/ubuntu/debian because they aren't part of our standard
offering.  Haven't tried RHEL 4.7 just yet to see if it's supported.


Our generic kernel for a RAM based image did work (based on 2.6.26)  So
it's only a minor change it seems, just the drivers have to know about
the new hardware id.


Hope this helps (sorry for the top-post)


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has anyone had the pleasure yet of trying to install a bunch of linux
versions on these boxes (ones that arent supported)


such as CentOS 3, 4,5 Fedora 8,9,10, Ubuntu, Debian etc?


My only concern is the NIC going from a 5708 to a 5709




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