Temperature limit for poweredge

Morten P.D. Stevens mstevens at win-professional.com
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a ambient temperature about 28 - 30 is very hot for a 24/7 server.

> What kind of temperature is critical?

I think, 28-30 is hot, but not yet critical.
Just use OMSA 5.5 for monitoring the system temperatures to see if it's critical or not.

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We have four poweredge 2550 servers. Because of noise I placed them in a
quite small room, where the temperature may increase above normal room
temperature, about 28 - 30 centigrade. 

What kind of temperature is critical?

And by the way, is it possible to search answers to this kind of questions
from Linux-Poweredge archives. I found such on page: 
but could not find a way to search something by keywords?

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