OMSA 5.5 on Ubuntu 8.10 (AMD64) XML Transformation Error

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I have the same issue from an install I did yesterday.  I too seem to have applied all of the known/obvious workarounds. I installed on a 2900 with Intel Xeon processor. I have not had a chance to see if it is relevent yet, but I noticed that apt-get got the amd-64 version of the package from the sara site.   Did you end up using the amd version on an Intel platform too?
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Perhaps obvious, but did you enable the root account on the Ubuntu 
system ?  This bit me before I remembered that Ubuntu does not have a 
password set for the root account on install.

Gene Tang wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running Dellomsa 5.5.0-4 (latest version from the ftp site, therefore should already have the patch).  I have successfully started the dsm_om_connsvc service running and it listening on port 1311.  I can connect to the login website for the OMSA website, I just cannot login using root (without the "Login failed" prompt appearing).  It is the exact problem experienced when installing OMSA on 64bit Ubuntu packages, where you cannot login without installing the 32bit libs and changing the omauth file.  Only problem is despite making these changes, I still cannot login. I have triple checked this and even rebooted for complete-ness to no avail. 
> Thanks again.
> Gene

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