PERC agent failing

Joe Lewis jlewis at
Thu Mar 19 11:52:01 CDT 2009


I have a Dell 2850 with a PERC 4e/Di RAID device running RedHat EL4, and
I am unable to monitor the PERC device via SNMP.  When I start the PERC
SNMP agent (/etc/init.d/percsnmpd start), I see one error, but it still
claims the service started successfully :

Mar 19 10:26:57 servername Dell PERC SNMP Agent: Agent Ver 5.04 (Oct 16,
2004) Started
Mar 19 10:26:57 servername kernel: ioctl32(percagent:32450): Unknown cmd
fd(1) cmd(00006d00){00} arg(ffffd060) on /etc/percsnmp/megasnmp
Mar 19 10:26:57 servername percagent: Dell PERC SNMP Agent Ver 5.04 (Oct
16, 2004) Started
Mar 19 10:26:57 servername percsnmpd: percagent startup succeeded

When I attempt an SNMP walk, the percmain is launched, however, the
percagent shuts down :

Mar 19 10:12:20 servername snmpd[4052]: Received SNMP packet(s) from
Mar 19 10:12:20 servername Dell PERC SNMP Agent: Agent Abormal termination

It puts snmpd into an unusable state (waiting on percmain, which is
still running).  I'm using the latest thing I can find about the
percsnmp (percsnmp-5.04-2) as I can't find anything newer than 2005
regarding percsnmp.

Is there anything later (other than the OpenManage) that works on 64-bit

Joe Lewis

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