ANNOUNCE: OMSA 5.5 Livecd Released - work with sata cd drive?

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Try the Live CD and got these Error during boot:


fatal error occured - data for live cd not found

Are you using scsi? - something went wrong and we can't continue booting


crtl + D is the option the screen provide for follow up => entered and
the error occur:


Kernel Panic

mount: can't find /union/boot/etc/fstab


Looks like that the CD can't work with the Pe 2950 III with sata
connected cd drives.

Is that true or is the error related to another issue?

Is a new cd with sata drivers planned or has anyone an alternative for
getting OMSA running on an ESX3i ;-) or another way to expand a raid 5
with one additional disk without backup and restore?






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Hello Everyone,

I've put together a new rev of the OMSA Livecd with OpenManage 5.5
built-in.  The main differences between this version and the 5.4 are a
newer version of OpenManage, replacing PE Diags with Online Diags,
updating to CentOS 5.2 with a PAE kernel, and adding java support to
provide the ability to webex directly to the cd.  The PAE kernel seems
to help with stability as far as applications that crashed randomly in
5.4 (firefox, PE Diags) and Cent 5.2 should have the IPMI bug resolved
where the 5.4 would crash booting on 6th gens such as the 1650.  There
is also additional documentation available under /root/docs as far as
the build process and an FAQ.

The download is available here:



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