Debian Lenny on 2450s

Jefferson Cowart Jefferson.Cowart at
Thu Mar 19 00:58:52 CDT 2009

Just an FYI - I upgraded a pair of PowerEdge 2450 servers from Debian etch (2.6.18) to lenny (2.6.26) today. For the most part the upgrades went fine. The only significant issue I ran into was that on reboot the kernel didn't find the root filesystem. (It was the issue outlined at I needed to add a rootdelay parameter to the boot options to make it boot properly. (I used a 10 second delay. I might be able to use less, but I didn't want to spend the time rebooting the server to check.) Given the fact that the 2550s (and I think 2650s) share the same PERC3/Di controller, I suspect they would have the same issue.

Thank You
Jefferson Cowart
Network and Systems Administrator
Claremont University Consortium

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