Connecting MD1000's to MD3000i

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> G'Day all,
> I have a question for the MD1000/MD3000 experts, I have an MD3000i
> I want to connect 2 MD1000's to so that I end up with a total of 45
> disks showing up. Do I need to connect two cables from the MD3000i to
> the first MD1000 and then daisy chain the second MD1000 off the first
> or
> do I cable each MD1000 to the MD3000i?

Correct. You would take 2 SAS cables from the MD3000i to the in ports on
the first MD1000. You'd then two two more SAS cables from the out ports
on the 1st md1000 to the second md1000.

> If I connect an MD1000 to an MD3000i do I need to connect both cables
> to
> get fault tolerance/redundancy?

Yep. In my experience the md3000i software will complain about a
non-redundant link if you don't connect the second cable.

> Sid

Thank You
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Claremont University Consortium

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