Problems clearing foreign config on PE R300 with SAS6IR

Karsten Sommer sommerkarsten at
Mon Mar 16 14:18:59 CDT 2009


on a PE R300 i have 2 SAS drives (RAID1) installed. During boot i got 
the following error message:

Integrated RAID exception detected:
   Volume (xx:xxx) is currently in state: INACTIVE/OPTIMAL
Enter the SAS Configuration Utility to investigate!

I tried to activate the array from the controller bios without success. 
The deletion of the array doesn't work. One drive is marked as foreign.
I installed SLES10 on the second drive and tried to remove the foreign 
config with the omconfig tool.

The command 'omconfig storage controller action=clearforeignconfig 
controller=X' returns FAILED!

Is there another way to remove the foreing configuration?


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