OMSA 5.5 LiveCD

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Mon Mar 16 10:21:35 CDT 2009

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> Hi,
> I also have a SATA CDROM in our PE 2900. I would very much appreciate
> it
> if someone could rebuild the livecd as it lacks sata cdrom support.
> I hope the storage manager is also included on the CD. I need to extend
> my existing RAID5 array on the PERC6 controller.  The controller bios
> doesn't provide this functionality. (If there is another way of doing
> this would you please point me to the right direction)
> I have to use a livecd as I'm using ESXi from a USB stick as host
> system
> which doesn't support OMSA.

I'd really like the liveCD working on SATA too to extract HW logs from an ESXi syste!

Alternatively is the kickstart file used to produce the liveCD available anywhere as could then build our own CD's with a patched boot image (just need to find the correct sata modules to include in it if I recall correctly).

Alternatively is there a way of booting the liveCD on a USB stick?


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