Memory configuration on T105

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sun Mar 15 17:52:04 CDT 2009

Lazy wrote:

>>>>> But whenever I re-boot Centos-5.2 on the PowerEdge T105
>>>>> I am told that the "memory configuration is not optimal",
>>>>> and I have to press F1 to re-boot.
>>>> I have a '105.  Are the modules identical?
>>>> If not you;ll get that message.
>> I checked, and the memory modules are as identical as they could be.
>> They are both Samsung PC2 5300E-555-12-G3 2GB modules.

>> I'm quite baffled by this.
>> I see nothing in the BIOS, or in the F2 config,
>> that could possibly be relevant.
>> I tried swapping the modules round,
>> but that had no effect.
>> Any suggestions or advice gratefully received.
> did You put new module in the same bank as before ?

As I mentioned, I tried the 2 modules both ways round
(in banks 1 and 2).

> have you tried going to he bios setup F2 and then exiting with saving 
changes ?

Yes, I did try this.
Actually, it had a rather frightening effect,
as I got a message telling me to press F1,
and when I did that I got the same message again.

However, pressing F2 got me back to the same situation as before.

I think my warranty has just run out,
so I can't ask Dell for an official explanation.

It's rather puzzling, but not really worrying,
as the machine appears to be working fine,
and the chance of it failing during my 3 weeks in Italy
seems fairly small ...

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