IT Assistant and SSH Host Key Problems

Matthew Evans mevans at
Fri Mar 13 00:35:23 CDT 2009

I've seen several threads about the IT Assistant updates failing due to SSH host key problems, so when I ran into the problem and couldn't find a solution, I hunkered down and figured it out. The problem is the OpenManage processes run under the LOCAL SYSTEM account, so when you run plink.exe to cache the server's host key, it is cached in the ADMINISTRATOR's registry, not the LOCAL SYSTEM's registry.

There are two ways to fix this, one, use psexec.exe and open a command prompt as the LOCAL SYSTEM, then use plink.exe to cache your SSH host keys; or two, change the service account that the DSM IT Assistant Connection Service runs under. The latter is the safest by far.

If you need more instructions, I've outlined how to perform each method here:


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