Debian Lenny (5.0) on Dell PowerEdge r300

Lars Uffmann lars.uffmann at
Wed Mar 11 09:56:40 CDT 2009

Alex Mestiashvili wrote:
>> I have some PowerEdge 2950, and they are no good on lenny debian.
>> Broadcom nics are not recognized on boot (nor installation) and the boot process is not echoed on screen. it freezes, complaints about one usb device (which I have no idea), says bad things about the bnx firmware and just refresh screen when about to show the prompt.
> Hi ,  install firmware-bnx2 .
> everything works fine for me so far .

I can confirm this for the Dell PowerEdge 2900 - with the firmware-bnx2 
installation at boot time (I downloaded it from somewhere, put it on USB 
drive main folder and the Graphical Expert Installation found it there), 
everything worked fine - I just had to do a tweak to get the web 
interface service running - but that is included in the latest dellomsa 
release from sara.

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