Backplane replacement

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Nick -

Thanks for the response.  My PE2600 has a PERC 4/Di.  I have already put 
some physical labels on the drives so that I make sure to put them back into 
the same slots.  I just printed out a section of the PE2600 service manual 
which describes the process for replacing the backplane, so I think I am 
good to go.  The backplane just arrived so I will make the swap in a few 
hours after getting back from the dentist.


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Hi Jeff,

This should be seamless, the RAID config allows for "roaming" on most
PERCs, but it's dependant upon the PERC itself.

I'd pop the disks in the same slots to prevent any confusion for the
adapter. Give me a shout if you run into issues.



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Greetings -

Does anyone have any direct experience with replacing a backplane on a
PE2600 or similar dell server?  I have a replacement backplane arriving
tomorrow and am wondering if there are any quirks with pulling out the
one and putting in a new one.  This is an out of warranty server so I am
doing the replacement myself.  Any tips and trick, what to be careful
with, or what to look out for?  Will the raid, filesystem, and
be recognized without having to reinstall from tape backup?

Background: I had two drives of a 5-drive Raid5 show as failed a few
ago.  Figuring that the probability of two drives failing together was
pretty low, especially since the drives were of different ages, I
suspected the backplane.  Swapping drives between slots showed that the
failure stayed with the slots and did not move with the drives.

Jeff Boyce

Jeff Boyce 

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