Memory configuration on T105

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at
Tue Mar 10 00:41:27 CDT 2009

>> Have you tried a remote reboot anyway?  I used to have a HP NetServer
>> that came up with a similar message during boot, but the message went
>> away on its own after two minutes or so.  It meant remote reboots were
>> slow, but at least they could be done.
> I'm pretty sure that with Dell servers, at least older ones, when you've got 
> that message, it's a manual F1 or you're stuck forever more. At least this is 
> what happened to me a couple of times :)
> So, unless you have a person phisically there, don't try to reboot.

Well of course if you're not at the machine itself you're not going to 
try rebooting it just in case it works, but the OP said he's seeing this 
message already so it seems he's either with the machine getting ready 
to deploy it, or there's someone standing next to the machine reading 
out the messages and pressing keys for him.

If you don't try it (safely) you'll never know if you're being overly 
cautious or not :-)


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