RHEL5 on a R900

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AFAIK CPU usage in a VM is a fictitious number. ESX will only give your
VM a clock tick (CPU cycle) if there is something to do. Otherwise the
VM will simply be "frozen". This often confuses time keeping for
instance, as there no clock ticks to measure. :) Time ten doesn't

So I think the 90% CPU usage is a very efficient scheduling of ESX to
only give it enough clock tick as are needed to process the bonnie++

If disk speeds are what they should be, don't worry about it. If I/O is
also very low, then there maybe something going on.


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> Im looking into moving a MySQL server onto a VM on a R900 with ESXi.
> However im seeing really slow Read/Write times on the VM.
> I have a Pe2800 with 2 x 3.2Ghz Processors, and 4x1Gb RAM, 
> comparing it to a VM with 4x2.13ghz Processors and 4Gig RAM. 
> Unfortunately the 2800 is running 5.2 and the VM is running 
> 5.1, but that's as close as I can get now.
> When I run bonnie++ (currently running unbuffered tests, same 
> as my previous tests for more data) I see the CPU usage is at 
> least 5 times that of the 2800, with the general CPU usage 
> being in the high 90s. nothing is currently running on either 
> box during the tests.
> Basically what im wondering is has any implemented a 
> high-load MySQL server on a machine such as the R900, or is 
> it just not going to be possible for this kind of usage?
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