ANNOUNCE: OMSA 5,.5 release 4

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Mon Mar 9 07:29:07 CDT 2009

On Fri, 6 Mar 2009 09:19:35 +0100,
 Bas van der Vlies <basv at> wrote:

> SARA is proud to announce that they have recreated the Dell Open Mange
> Server Administrator package (version 5.5) for deb based systems.


Thank you for your effort, but I have to file another issue.

With the older versions of the OMSA packages the on board temperatures
have been reported.

Now i have a couple of servers where they are reported and some where
they are not reported. I cannot break it down by model, as e.g. a
PwerEdge 1850 running Debian etch reports temperatures and a PowerEdge
1850 running Debian sarge does not. PowerEdge 1855 running Ubuntu 8.04.2
do no report temperatures.

The sections about Fans, Firmware, Intrusion, Power Supplies, Remote
Access and Voltages are also missing on the OMSA web interface.

I was able to read the temperatues before (and our monitoring system
tries to fetch them via SNMP, which currently fails...).

Are there any external dependencies in OMSA regarding this issue?

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