MD3000i question/help

Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Mar 4 18:56:22 CST 2009

 Added a whole bunch (9 drives) to a an existing 4 drive disk group.

Trying to add the 13th disk to the group fails.

set diskGroup [SATA_Data] addPhysicalDisks=(1,7);
Unable to set disk group "SATA_Data" add physical disks at line 2.
Error 462 - A SYMbol procedure could not be carried out because the 
firmware could not allocate sufficient cache memory.
The command at line 2 that caused the error is:

set diskGroup [SATA_Data] addPhysicalDisks=(1,7);

Trying to add the 13th disk to the group fails. Fails in the SMclient 
GUI as well - just tried again with SMcli so I could capture the output.

 This is after a rather annoying several days to get this far as the 9 
new drives can only be drawn into the existing disk group 2 at a time, 
as the resulting re-stripe takes 24hrs. I believe my MD3000i is running 
the latest gen2 firmware - I updated it last week - we have a need for 
LUN bigger than 2Tb.

 I though I could make disk groups holding 20 disks - so I haven't hit 
that limit yet - although I would expect a more sensible error message :-)

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