Question about idrac setup

Bas van der Vlies basv at
Wed Mar 4 07:50:39 CST 2009

We currently upgrade our cluster to blade nodes. We have 1859/1950 with
drac 4 and 5. With the drac4/drac5 cards you can configure/update the cards
remotely and non-interactively with racadm (and without an operating system

I have read the docs and if am not mistaking you can only use these
commands to configure the idrac:
 * with ssh and then you get a sm-clp shell, but this is interactively and
not what i want or has somebody made this scriptable?
 * with racadm locally. This is also not desired because you must first
install an OS and then you can use the racadm commmand.

The strange thing you can use racadm to configure the CMC remotely and use
some commands like powerdown/poweroff a server in the chassis.

Are there plans that you can configure the iDRAC though CMC or remotely
with racadm?

There a lot of new features but some important features are removed if you
have lot of machines, especially remote non-interactively configureation.


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