network card bandwidth on a poweredge 1850?

Rich Henning tonaleclipse at
Tue Mar 3 20:39:02 CST 2009


On Mar 3, 2009, at 5:52 PM, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> I saturated a single gigabit connection, and switched over to a pair
> of bonded ports.  Unfortunately, the throughoutput I'm seeing is
> virtually identical- 980Mbit/sec according to Munin stats (on a single
> port, the limit was 975.)  Half a percent seems statistically
> insignificant.

How are the ports bonded at the linux box and the switch? 802.3ad?  
multiple default gateways?

The output of the following commands would be helpful:

# cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0		 (if this is the appropriate bonded  
# ip addr sho
# ip route sho

> -I should be feeding it plenty; I have 10 simultaneous sessions from a
> collection of machines, several of which can do 40MB/sec on their own.
> A survey of the machines shows none of them working very hard.

Try using iperf to generate TCP traffic.  That will make sure you're  
generating more than a GigE's worth if you tell it to ;-)

> -The switch is no slouch; a lightly loaded Cisco 4506.  Everything is
> on the same blade.  Traffic is not crossing any subnets/VLANs.

Ports trunked together at the switch?

Hard to say where things are going wrong without more info.


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