network card bandwidth on a poweredge 1850?

Sabuj Pattanayek sabujp at
Tue Mar 3 20:23:14 CST 2009


On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Brett Dikeman <brett.dikeman at> wrote:
> I'm testing a backup server (Legato) on a Poweredge 1850, running Centos 5.2.
> I saturated a single gigabit connection, and switched over to a pair
> of bonded ports.  Unfortunately, the throughoutput I'm seeing is
> virtually identical- 980Mbit/sec according to Munin stats (on a single

You probably need to use bonding in round robin mode and enable
LACP/trunking on the switch. Even with this enabled you might not get
it to increase bandwidth because I've heard from someone on the
beowulf mailing list that the linux bonding driver was made mainly for
active/backup failover and 100mbps NICs (which really doesn't make
sense why it would work for 100mbps but not gig):

> but- has anyone managed to get more than 1Gbit/sec out of an 1850
> using the onboard NICs?  Or, alternatively, tried but found it

Not on any dual gig NICs running in Linux, but then again my network
admins won't enable LACP for me so I can try to get the full benefit
of the round robin mode.

> impossible to do so?  Unfortunately, I do not have any spare NICs

Not impossible, expensive NAS heads do it.

Sabuj Pattanayeks

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