Hard drive performance

Michael Scully agentscully at flexiblestrategies.com
Mon Mar 2 15:56:36 CST 2009



               I usually order Dell servers with 15K speed SAS drives and
RAID 5  Perc controllers.  They have been quite solid performers.  I
purchased a pair of servers with lower volume requirements I got in the past
year, where I just went with mirrored SATA 7200 drives, to keep down the
cost.  They work fine for everyday use.  But for anything where massive
writes take place, the drive system comes to almost a standstill.  It hits
me on data conversions or mass updates to the indexed files we have on them.
Both of these are RHEL 5 systems.


               Has anyone had similar experiences with PE840's?  Were there
any driver or firmware changes that improved performance in this area?  Both
of these were acquired around the April/May 2008 timeframe.





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