Read only filesystem

semantico dellpoweredge at
Fri Feb 27 05:58:02 CST 2009

Heya dellers,

We've got a old 1950 poweredge which has locked up twice in the last few weeks with read only filesystems, all we got out from the syslog is:-

Feb 27 10:33:29 avocado kernel: sd 0:2:0:0: megasas: RESET -10166897 cmd=28
Feb 27 10:36:30 avocado kernel: megasas: [ 0]waiting for 11 commands to complete 

We have dellomsa on there checking for disk errors and nothing come up. Anyone got any ideas?

This is our diskcheck script:-


export PATH

fatal() {
    echo "FATAL: $*"
    exit 3

[[ -z $( which omreport ) ]] && fatal "omreport does not exist - Dell OpenManage tools are not installed"

CONTROLLERS=$( omreport storage controller | grep '^ID ' | awk '{print $3}' )

for cid in $CONTROLLERS; do
    omreport storage pdisk controller=$cid | grep "^Status " | grep -v ": Ok"
    omreport storage pdisk controller=$cid | grep "^Status " | grep -v ": Ok"

I'm afraid I don't know what firmware we are running but I don't think it's been updated for a long time, is there a way to check without a reboot? And what do you guys recommend is the best way of updating a 1950, is there an all-in-one iso download from dell?



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