Memtest errors on DELL 2650 Resolved

George gbogart at
Wed Feb 25 19:03:09 CST 2009

Simon Waters wrote:

> reports on the net say this affects only some Poweredge 2650's, and that 
> replacing the motherboard resolves it.
> In my case disabling USB in bios, did allow memtest86+ to run for 15 hours (in 
> a 3GB) machine, as opposed to failing after a few seconds.

I knew if I lurked here long enough that I would get an answer to my

I have a PE2550 and a PE1750 that both failed Memtest86 in the same
manner. They both pass Dells diagnostics, but fail Memtest86. And after
turning off the USB in the BIOS it now runs fine.

Now I a much happier camper. :)

Thank you!


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