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I Update Linux machines with ITA but not with 7.0. I start to work with
the ITA at Version 8.x And now the Version 8.3 is present. Runs good on
the linux OS's we support.
Also ESX is supported (only Firmware - is clear) I think it was in the
last manual of 8.3.
Never tested the Xen boxes because they are to new.

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On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 10:21 AM, Jamie Brooks <jbrooks at>
> I am trying to update my 30 Poweredge 2950 servers. I have got them
> displaying in ITAssistant and copied all the updates from the online
> repository to the IT Assistant repository. I assume i then go to tasks
> and create a software update task for them.
> When the task runs it fails and i get this message:
> The task failed for the target device
> File deploy command failed to execute with error message: The server's
> host key is not cached in the registry. The system may not be the
> My IT assistant is on a Windows XP machine and my Servers run centos5.
> I don't know where the host key would be located in Windows

If you find a solution, please post it. I've been unable to update
linux machines with ITA for some time now. I think it used to work
with ITA v7.x. I tried opening a case with Dell Support and even
though they did not hang up on me when I mentioned Linux, they were
unable to figure out anything useful.

What I do know is that they use components of the freeware PuTTY
utility to do their ssh work, but even knowing that did not help me. I
think the general problem is that the ITA background services do not
run under any user account in Windows, while the PuTTY keys are stored
under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, so what the PuTTY utils do when launched by a
system service is anybody's guess.

I once knew more about the software update process and the Dell
command line utilities that are launched on the Windows ITA box, but I
have forgotten most of it. I recall that there is a Dell executable
that seems to not be properly implementing it's advertised command
line options with regards to dealing with ssh keys. Sorry I can't
remember any more.

If anybody has had ANY success with software updates from recent ITA
versions to Linux boxes, please post.

As an alternative, you can look at the Dell hardware/software/firmware
repositories for more automated, though not centralized, management of
Dell software and firmware on several flavors of Linux.


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