PE2950 Perc 6/i Firmware and Driver updates for CentOS

Ray Kolbe ray at
Wed Feb 25 08:42:25 CST 2009

Hello all,

I finally got Dell OpenManage installed last night on our Dell PE2950 
server. When I logged in to OpenManage I checked out our RAID 
configuration and saw that there was an issue with the firmware/drivers 
for the PERC 6/i controller. Here it was it says:

Firmware Version    6.0.2-0002
Minimum Required Firmware Version    6.1.1-0034
Driver Version
Minimum Required Driver Version

Seeing this, I logged into premier support at Dell to see what the 
latest drives and firmware are and did find we are behind.

My question(s) is, should I update the firmware first and then the 
drivers? How tricky is this and what kind of issues could I encounter?

We are running CentOS 4.7.

Thank you,

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