PE2850 turns off when network is connected

michalwd1979 michalwd1979 at
Sun Feb 22 02:03:07 CST 2009

I faced a "funny" problem recently. When I turn on my server without anything connected to eth0 (first NIC, there is BMC interface also) and then after system is running I connect a network cable the server turns off. While it not happens all the time (in 80% of all I would say) it is very strange. In logs I can see "acpi event: shut down" - like if the power button was presented, however server does not shut down in normal way. It begins normal shut down sequence but then breaks it and shuts down in the middle of it. I assume that BMC causes this shut down, but I am not sure.
When I turn on server with working network connected to eth0 everything is OK - I can disconnect and reconnect cables without any problems.

I know that this not a common situation but I'm using this PE2850 as a "home server" for me and few friends and I left eth0 as a "free" network cable to connect to server and BMC form notebook in case of troubles. Does anyone had similar problems? Is there any way to fix it?
I'm running gentoo 2.6.24 kernel and PE2850 with 3 SCSI hard drives, no OMSA. Thanks for any help/idas.

Best Regards,
Michael W.

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