Error code E0F0C on 2650 from Ebay

Kirchner, Kenneth W CTR USA NETCOM/9TH SC A ken.kirchner at
Fri Feb 20 14:14:38 CST 2009


 Specified microprocessor is faulty, unsupported, improperly installed,
or missing.

You should crack this open and see if they sold you one without the
CPU's installed. Or try re-seating them, sometimes UPS/FedEx gets overly
ape-ish with the packages.


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Hello All:

I recently purchased a pe2650 from Ebay.

Connected a monitor and powered it up yesterday an got the following
message on the LCD display:

E0F0C VID Match CPU 1 VID Match CPU 2

Also...No video feed on monitor.

Should I assume the system is inop or am I missing something since I am
new to this class of hardware?

I don't have any drives installed yet but I assume I should at least get
into BIOS?

Thanks for the insight...

--Bill B

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