Maxime Kurkdjian maxunder at
Fri Feb 20 10:56:06 CST 2009


	I would like to setup a HA storage solution.

I was thinking of this architecture:

MD3000i with 2 controlers
connected througt gigaEthernet iSCSI to
2x 2950III On Debian linux

debian box delivering NFS to an other network

1/ can i "mount" in iscsi the same LUN on both 2950 ? so they will see 
the same data
2/ NFS HA will be acomplished by VRRP or other hot swap VIP address, so 
any R/W operation will be done by the standby server (newly active).

this is an active/passive configuration.

same question with Mysql, but both MySQL instance will probably be 
running at the same moment (but the standby will not be used) to speed 
up the balancing in case of failure.
is there any problem with that ?


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