cannot install lenny amd64 on 2950

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Thu Feb 19 02:32:41 CST 2009

Ah yes, I've had that on the PE2950, where the Dell virtual media
devices add additional boot devices and mess up device enumeration.

We've fixed that by installing using the option 'nousbstorage' on Red
Hat, but I'm not sure if Debian will know about that option.

Otherwise, simply poke around in the grub loader
Grub>root hd(0,0)
Grub>root hd(1,0)

If it finds root environment, your set. Edit fstab using the device
you've just found and reboot. This should be fairly straight forward
from a stnd Linux rescue mode.

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> > Lenny i386 isn't working either.  Install appears to 
> complete OK, but 
> > the bootloader never starts on reboot.  Again, running grub 
> manually 
> > from Knoppix is no help - grub can't find the disk.
> You should check the release notes:
> Cheers
> ----
> Disk devices may change on reboot
>     On systems with multiple disk controllers, the 
> kernel/udev may assign a different device node on reboot of 
> the system than was used during installation due to 
> difference in load order of drivers. This can lead to failure 
> to boot the system. In most cases this can be corrected by 
> changing the bootloader configuration and /etc/fstab, 
> possibly using the rescue mode of the installer. Note however 
> that this problem may occur again on subsequent boots. 
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