PE 1950 , linux and TOE

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TOE is only used if you run with a TOE aware driver. Most of todays
Server NIC's support TOE without any dongle.
So for the 2950 it does not matter if you leave the dongle in the system
or remove it, as the RH driver does not support TOE.

To use TOE makes sense when the TCP/IP packet handling is using allot of
CPU cycles on a heavy loaded fileserver or for iSCSI as example.
But as RH states correctly does not make sense in other situations.

But you don't have to care, your RH driver is not using it.


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> RH's reasoning for NOT supporting it: 

Wow, that makes it seem terrible.  We also have a TOE in our PE2950.  If

it has so many downsides, what's the benefit of having it there at all? 
  Does it make a difference under Windows?


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