PE 1950 , linux and TOE

Matthew Geier matthew at
Tue Feb 17 21:44:01 CST 2009

Adam Nielsen wrote:
> Wow, that makes it seem terrible.  We also have a TOE in our PE2950.  If 
> it has so many downsides, what's the benefit of having it there at all? 
>   Does it make a difference under Windows?
 I gather is was explicitly designed for Windows, where it must boost 
the performance or no one would bother.

 I pulled the TOE key out of one of my RHEL servers and noticed no 
difference, despite Dell saying not to remove it. The key now hangs off 
the handset cord of my server room phone, so if something comes up 
support wise, I can always pop it back in and keep Dell support happy :-)

 I assume the Linux driver doesn't try to use the offload feature so the 
key is never consulted.

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