PE 1950 , linux and TOE

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1. Not usable
2. Do not remove the key

Removal of the TOE key is not considered valid and can have unintended consequences beyond merely disabling the TOE feature. Please, do not remove the key.

RH's reasoning for NOT supporting it:

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Hi all,

We have just received a batch of PE1950 that will be used in a network heavy environment, serving as front-ends to a couple Netapps. These servers have onboard TCP/IP Offloading in hardware, question is : is this feature usable in Linux (we run CentOS 5.2 x86_64) ? If not, does it hurt/help to remove the TOE key that is on the motherboard ?
I've only seen a Windows driver disk for these cards and the broadcom site is not very explicit about this.

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