firmware upgrade on solaris :-)

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 The only Firmware updates I have seen on Dell's site are packages for
DOS/Windows or Linux.  I was able to upgrade a few things (Like the
BIOS, DVD drive firmware) by creating a DOS boot-disk.  I believe the
firmware for the PERC and DRAC required Windows or Linux. Since I was
installing Redhat, I went with the Linux, but you might get by using a
Linux Rescue CD. I think that will be painful because the linux firmware
updates required older glib libraries than will probably come with the
Rescue CD image.

If you have a USB Harddisk, I would use it to boot Windows on the box
and run the firmware updates from that. I think it would be fastest.


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Hi !

.. i know that's the false mailing-list for it ...

But can somebody give me an hint for upgrading the firmware of the
controlers, BIOS etc. ... on pe2950,pe1950,R805 or md1000 with a running
Solaris 5.10 ?

Thanks & Cheers


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