Using dev-mapper-multipath instead of Power path

Matthew Geier matthew at
Mon Feb 16 21:13:42 CST 2009

Sid Young wrote:
> G’Day all,
> We have switched to using dev-mapper-multipath and disabled the emc 
> power path on a couple of 2950 RHEL server, does anyone know if this 
> actually frees up our licenses to allow more devices to connect to our 
> EMC CX3-10 SAN? If we have 4 licenses, can we now add more machines?
It's been a while since I used a CX array, but I understood there were 
the number of hosts the array was licensed to support which was a 
different number from the number of power-path licences you may have. 
Our array could support 8 hosts but we only had 4 power path licences. 
(Which I never used, the RHEL servers were set-up with mapper-multipath).

I think you will find your array will simply not allow more hosts than 
it's licensed for to connect.

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