rsync issues: no .htaccess files, missing bootstrap.cgi. no updated perc firmwares?

Flaherty, Patrick pflaherty at
Mon Feb 16 14:08:05 CST 2009

I've been in the process of figuring out how to get the Dell
hardware/firmware/community repositories into my spacewalk setup and
have run into a few weirdnesses along the way. I'm wondering if anyone
can verify them for me.

* Although
specifically calls for them, rsync is not replicating .htaccess files
onto my machine. My rsync command is:
 /usr/bin/rsync -av --delete rsync://

* My local sync is missing /repos/software/bootstrap.cgi, but that file
is available on site.

* and lastely, and not nearly as important, OMSA is reporting I'm out of
date on my perc firmware, even though i've run update_firmware, I have
5.1.1-0040, Minimum Required is 5.2.1-0067.

Can anyone verify what I'm seeing or tell me I need a clue -=]


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