Dell 2850 / Perc 4e/Di Monitoring with OMSA 5.5

Christoph Kautz kautzy at
Sat Feb 14 13:51:15 CST 2009


I am currently trying to get storage/raid monitoring  to work but it seems that OMSA fails to find the Perc 4e/Di controller when the kernel is newer than (latest 2.6.24 release)

I tried three custom kernels with the exact same config:


An "omreport storage controller" under 2.6.25 or 2.6.28 gives "No controllers found" while the same command under 2.6.24 (kernel compiled using the same kernel config, booted on the same system) works just fine.

I tried two different firmware versions (the current "5B2D" and an earlier one) but there is no difference in behavior.

Further I tried compiling the megaraid drivers as modules but that did not change anything either.

Reading earlier mails on the list and asking google showed me that this issue seems to be kernel and not distro related, but just in case, I am running debian etch 32bit on the mentioned system.

Does anyone have a hint for me how to get raid monitoring to work with the newest v2.6 kernel releases or is this just not possible at the time?

Regards from Vienna!

chris kautz

solution-x Software GmbH
landstrasser hauptstrasse 153-155
a-1030 vienna

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