Basic Monitoring of a PowerEdge SC440

Frederik Himpe fhimpe at
Fri Feb 13 06:55:20 CST 2009

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009 12:34:39 +0000, Mike Peachey wrote:

> I currently own a PowerEdge SC440 and it is running Slackware Linux on a
> 2.6 kernel (for reasons of security, stability, speed, resource usage
> etc etc).
> What I want to do is simply be able to check the temperatures/fan speeds
> for the machine, nothing complex, nothing special, no BIOS updates or
> anything like that, I just want to know how hot the box is.

No need for OMSA for just checking that information:

# ipmitool sensor

gives all the information you need.

At least, supposing your system does have a BMC. You can verify this with 
the dmidecode command, it should contain something like this:

IPMI Device Information
        Interface Type: KCS (Keyboard Control Style)
        Specification Version: 1.5
        I2C Slave Address: 0x10
        NV Storage Device: Not Present
        Base Address: 0x0000000000000CA8 (I/O)
        Register Spacing: 32-bit Boundaries

It's possible you will need to load the right ipmi driver first. modprobe 
ipmi_si does the trick here.

Frederik Himpe

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