Basic Monitoring of a PowerEdge SC440

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at
Fri Feb 13 06:34:39 CST 2009

I currently own a PowerEdge SC440 and it is running Slackware Linux on a
2.6 kernel (for reasons of security, stability, speed, resource usage
etc etc).

What I want to do is simply be able to check the temperatures/fan speeds
for the machine, nothing complex, nothing special, no BIOS updates or
anything like that, I just want to know how hot the box is.

I have spent days trying to discover how I can accomplish this and seem
no closer to doing so. Obviously using lm_sensors is out because the
board seems to provide no simple method or module (such as i2c) for
accessing this data.

The information I have found suggests that it should be possible using
IPMI tools. To that end I have installed OpenIPMI and the relevant
associated tools, I have loaded the dell_rbu impi_devintf ipmi_watchdog
ipmi_poweroff and ipmi_msghandler kernel modules, but still it seems I'm
missing whatever dell driver is required to create a valid node for
/dev/ipmi0 so that the OpenIPMI tools and libraries have something to
speak to.

All the documentation I can find now suggests that in order to get any
further I am going to need to install the Dell OpenManage Server
Assistant which is "available on". As far as I can
tell, the latest version of OMSA is 5.5 and in order to download it you
need 4x 1GB ISOs (om_550_smtd_a00.iso.00[1234]).. is this true?

Please kind people, help out a poor bedraggled soul who has been
dutifully wading his way through information over months and spent
literally hours at a time working on this, yet with no result.

Can someone point me in the right direction for some useful information?
Am I really going to have to download 4GB just to find out how hot the
server is?

It really feels like I'm missing something; like there is some little
source tarball out there that will allow me to compile a kernel module
or a daemon of some kind that will let me access this information.

I am grateful in advance for any responses of any kind.
Kind Regards,


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