PERC 6/i: PD is not a certified drive

Daniel De Marco ddm at
Thu Feb 5 19:48:59 CST 2009


I just got a 2950 with a PERC 6/i. Two of the disks are 250G, model WDC
WD2502ABYS. Four of them are 1T, model WDC WD1002FBYS. When the system
boots I get 4 errors from the controller complaining that the four TB
drives are not certifid.
> OMSM : Controller event log: PD 02(e0x20/s2) is not a certified drive:
> Controller 0 (PERC 6/i Integrated)

I didn't buy the 4x1TB drives from dell, but they are the same series of
the 250G ones, WD RE3. Does anyone know whether this is going to be
a problem? Maybe a new verson of OMSA will fix it?

Checking the status of the vdisk and pdisk with omreport doesn't show
anything weird.


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