Poweredge 1900 running Fedora 9 - Upgraded to 10 and grub locked up..

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So after a number of attempts - I was able to get things working without reinstall. I had tried on several attempts to do the old "grub-install /dev/sda --recheck" and grub would fail with no stage1 found. 

The trick turned out to be running the upgrade from local disk a second time and telling the installer to create a grub from scratch - while I had done this before, the difference was I specifically clicked device and reselected /dev/sda. It fired up, built grub, recognized the upgrade had already occured and finished in 2 mins.. rebooted fine - the world is once again safe for democracy... 

So.. Boot still takes an inordinate amount of time.. seems to occur after grub takes over. The time from Grub to "Kernel Alive" can be 15 to 20 minutes! I can boot various Live cds and get interesting results: 
Fedora 10 live - 15 to 20 minutes
Ubuntu (latest) live - 8 minutes
Emergencydiskorg live - 4 minutes - includes getting to an X?desktop (based on gentoo)

Any ideas?? 

Also should I be including any DELL drivers in my vanilla install? 
I currently do not. Using generic fedora drivers for PERC - all is recognized ok. 

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I have a 1900, RAID5 with a pair of ?QUAD core cpus. I also use LVM across this and it is both data and boot. ?All has been great until this past week and something happened (not sure yet) which caused corruption to the LVM. Sooo easy enough - boot into a live cd, lvm.. mount them and make sure they are generally ok, then unmount them and fire up fsck. Found a bunch of errors lost an inode, but still good. I ran diags and retested 4 times all options.. All came back clean. 

Now we boot a couple of times and everything is back to normal. So I figure heh.. I should go ahead push my luck and upgrade to Fedora?10 as I have had a lingering boot performance issue (takes on average 10 to 12 minutes to boot.) since I upgraded from 8 to 9. 

So did a YUM upgrade which worked fine until boot... got the lovely "GRUB" and nothing.. 

So I go googling and find a bunch of others have had this issue and you can fix it easy with supergrub - so fine download/burn/boot. 
attempt to fix. now I get can't find OS.. fine fine fine.. So I boot off the Fedora 10 DVD??and do a local upgrade and specifically tell it create/install new grub.. All goes according to plan.. No issue. 

Boot.. Grub showes older fedora 9 images and when I select it whines it can't find an image to boot. Fedora 10 not listed...

So... Any suggestions??? I can get to the drives and copy what ever I need off - I am just not very familiar with grub and getting this little tweak figured out. I am very confident this will be simple to all of you and it is a minor tweak sort of thing and BANG! back in business. 

Would also like to know if anyone else runs Fedora 9/10 on poweredge (PERC 5/i?RAID5) and are there any specialized drivers I should load for better performance or capabilities? 

I am running media servers and vmware workstation 6.5.x? leveraging hardware virtualization - mostly Windows and Ubuntu guests. 


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