Poweredge 1900 running Fedora 9 - Upgraded to 10 and grub locked up..

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Mon Feb 2 11:12:47 CST 2009

On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 10:29 -0500, mbohne at aol.com wrote:
> I have a 1900, RAID5 with a pair of  QUAD core cpus. I also use LVM
> across this and it is both data and boot.  All has been great until
> this past week and something happened (not sure yet) which caused
> corruption to the LVM. Sooo easy enough - boot into a live cd, lvm..
> mount them and make sure they are generally ok, then unmount them and
> fire up fsck. Found a bunch of errors lost an inode, but still good. I
> ran diags and retested 4 times all options.. All came back clean. 
> Now we boot a couple of times and everything is back to normal. So I
> figure heh.. I should go ahead push my luck and upgrade to Fedora 10
> as I have had a lingering boot performance issue (takes on average 10
> to 12 minutes to boot.) since I upgraded from 8 to 9. 
> So did a YUM upgrade which worked fine until boot... got the lovely
> "GRUB" and nothing.. 
> So I go googling and find a bunch of others have had this issue and
> you can fix it easy with supergrub - so fine download/burn/boot. 
> attempt to fix. now I get can't find OS.. fine fine fine.. So I boot
> off the Fedora 10 DVD  and do a local upgrade and specifically tell it
> create/install new grub.. All goes according to plan.. No issue. 
> Boot.. Grub showes older fedora 9 images and when I select it whines
> it can't find an image to boot. Fedora 10 not listed...
> So... Any suggestions??  I can get to the drives and copy what ever I
> need off - I am just not very familiar with grub and getting this
> little tweak figured out. I am very confident this will be simple to
> all of you and it is a minor tweak sort of thing and BANG! back in
> business. 
> Would also like to know if anyone else runs Fedora 9/10 on poweredge
> (PERC 5/i RAID5) and are there any specialized drivers I should load
> for better performance or capabilities? 
> I am running media servers and vmware workstation 6.5.x  leveraging
> hardware virtualization - mostly Windows and Ubuntu guests. 
when you 'specifically tell it to create/install new grub' - where are you specifically telling it to create/install to?


you should be able to boot dvd in rescue mount, tell it to mount the
partitions, chroot /mnt/sysimage; mount -a; grub-install /dev/sda;


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