PERC 6i and VMWare ESXi

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First of  all We don't support ESX/ESXi on PE1800. 

Can you see the datastorage ( LUN you have created on PERC 6i) in the
storage section ? From the VI Client / Virtual Center go to the
configuration tab and you can see storage section tab. Can you browse
the datastore and see if VM contents are present in that. 

If it's there you can add the VMs back to the inventory by right
clicking the .vmx file ( this is the configuration file for each VM)


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 I have a PowerEdge 1800 running VMWare ESXi 3.5, PERC6i with 2 x 
WD 640's in a RAID 1. The machine has been running fine for about a 
month or so. Yesterday, after restarting the server, VMWare has 
trouble seeing my virtual machines(it can see the datastore though) 
and none of them will start. A quick look at syslog shows the 
following entry:

megasas: MFI FW status 0x19

megaraid_sas.h shows 0x19 as MFI_STAT_LD_LBA_OUT_OF_RANGE. My guess 
is that VMWare is attempting to read addresses beyond the upper 
partition boundary. Does anyone have any experience with this, or 
has ever experienced this issue? Is there a way to capture the scsi 
packets and take a look at the addresses?


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