Perc 4/Di, OMSA 5.4 on 2.6.26 not seeing controller

Dan Reagan linux-poweredge at
Mon Sep 29 11:04:37 CDT 2008

> IPMI seems to load fine on this kernel, and I can use ipmitool or
> omreport to get all the sensors or other values.
> I don't know if the storage part uses the IPMI (in my understanding it
> was using directly the meagaraid module).

Yes, I think that I unintentionally confused the issue, sorry about 
that. I put this away a couple weeks back and looked at my notes again 
when you sent out your mails today but didn't get all the details 
straight before replying.

I actually moved that 2850 back to Ubuntu 6.06 after playing with Debian 
unstable for a bit. It's with that kernel (2.6.15-52) 32 bit that I have 
had success. Same install with amd64 didn't work.

I also have a small handful of PE1855, not all of which have OMSA 
installed yet but when looking at them again it appears that the storage 
controller for the amd64 ones isn't showing but all other sensors are 
and the IPMI module is loading correctly.

Those have the Perc 4/im which uses the MPT drivers but the symptom is 
the same as what I was seeing in the 2850 which has the megaraid in it. 
The array is visible with mpt-status so more and more this is looking 
like something in OMSA that's either buggy or isn't playing nice with 
some parts of the 64bit storage drivers.

> It reminds me something I had to do around 2.6.16 or 2.6.17 to get IPMI
> working which was related to detection of the baseboard controller, then
> Matt Domsch fixed it in 2.6.18 I guess.

Yes, I think that you're correct there. I wasn't reporting what I was 
seeing very clearly.

> As you can see, the pnp stuff didn't overwrite the 0xca8 space, hence
> that's why ipmi is working for me.
> Which bios version do you have in your PE2850 ?


Here's a list of the machines that I've currently got that see the 
storage controller via omsa.

PE2850 A07   - PERC 4e/Di - Ubuntu 6.06 - 2.6.15-52 i686  - omsa 5.4
PE1855 A05   - PERC 4/im  - Ubuntu 6.06 - 2.6.15-52 i686  - omsa 5.3
PE1950 2.0.1 - PERC 5/i   - Debian Sid  - amd64 - omsa 5.3

This list is of machines that see the other sensors but not the storage 

PE2850 A07   - PERC 4e/Di - Ubuntu 6.06 - 2.6.15-52 amd64  - omsa 5.4
PE2850 A07   - PERC 4e/Di - Debian Sid  -  amd64  - omsa 5.4
PE1855 A05   - PERC 4/im  - Ubuntu 6.06 - 2.6.15-52 amd64  - omsa 5.3

On the PE1855 above mpt-status shows the controller properly. I didn't 
try megactrl on the PE2850 so I'm not sure about that one. The PE2850 in 
the second list is the same machine that's in the first list, just with 
a different OS install.

I have at least one each of PE1855, PE1850, PE1955 and PE1950 that I can 
move forward to a 2.6.26 series kernel and new OMSA version so that will 
offer a bit more data. Not sure if I'll have the time to do it today but 
I'll put it on the list and get back with results.


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