Reconfigure RAID6 to RAID10 on PERC6?

Adam Huffman bloch at
Mon Sep 29 10:22:11 CDT 2008

I have a RAID6 array on a new 2950.  After running some performance
tests, I'd like to try RAID10.  The PERC6 documentation states that
"reconfiguration" between different RAID levels is possible and there's
an OMSA command to do this.

However, when I try:

omconfig storage vdisk action=reconfigure controller=0 vdisk=0 raid=r10

I receive the error message:

Unsupported RAID value

The usage message for this command is:

    Required parameters are:
        raid=<c | r0 | r1 | r1c | r5 | r10> 
    where PDISKID=<connector:enclosureID:portID | connector:targetID>	
changes RAID level of a virtual disk or expand the virtual disk by
adding new physical disks.

Should this be possible in OMSA or will I have to do it via Ctrl-R and
re-install?  The current installation is Centos 5.2 x86_64 with 4 x
146GB SAS disks.


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