Perc 4/Di, OMSA 5.4 on 2.6.26 not seeing controller

Brice Figureau brice+dell at
Mon Sep 29 10:14:21 CDT 2008


On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 10:59 -0400, Dan Reagan wrote:
> I've been poking this one a bit more too. In my case it appears to be 
> IPMI module loading issues.

IPMI seems to load fine on this kernel, and I can use ipmitool or
omreport to get all the sensors or other values.
I don't know if the storage part uses the IPMI (in my understanding it
was using directly the meagaraid module).

> In some cases I'm able to solve it by giving the ipmi_si module explicit 
> arguments that match the ipmi baseboard controller location. For the 
> machines that I've tested this has been the following:
>   ipmi_si type=kcs ports=0xca8 regspacings=4

It reminds me something I had to do around 2.6.16 or 2.6.17 to get IPMI
working which was related to detection of the baseboard controller, then
Matt Domsch fixed it in 2.6.18 I guess.

On my PE2850:
[   12.397178] ipmi message handler version 39.2
[   12.409178] ipmi_si: Trying SMBIOS-specified kcs state machine at i/o
address 0xca8, slave address 0x20, irq 0
[   12.548590] ipmi: Found new BMC (man_id: 0x0002a2,  prod_id: 0x0000,
dev_id: 0x20)
[   12.572148] ipmi device interface

This does match your values.
But the PNP stuff is at:
[    0.605267] pnp: the driver 'system' has been registered
[    0.605287] system 00:07: ioport range 0x800-0x87f has been reserved
[    0.609537] system 00:07: ioport range 0x880-0x8bf has been reserved
[    0.617526] system 00:07: ioport range 0x8c0-0x8df has been reserved
[    0.625536] system 00:07: ioport range 0x8e0-0x8e3 has been reserved
[    0.631960] system 00:07: ioport range 0xc00-0xc0f has been reserved
[    0.638373] system 00:07: ioport range 0xc10-0xc1f has been reserved
[    0.644768] system 00:07: ioport range 0xca0-0xca7 has been reserved
[    0.651197] system 00:07: ioport range 0xca9-0xcab has been reserved
[    0.657591] system 00:07: ioport range 0xcad-0xcaf has been reserved
[    0.664021] system 00:07: ioport range 0xc20-0xc3f has been reserved
[    0.670431] system 00:07: driver attached
[    0.670441] system 00:09: iomem range 0xe0000000-0xefffffff could not
be reserved
[    0.676841] system 00:09: driver attached

As you can see, the pnp stuff didn't overwrite the 0xca8 space, hence
that's why ipmi is working for me.

Which bios version do you have in your PE2850 ?

Brice Figureau <brice+dell at>

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