Connecting a External SAS enclosure to a Perc6/E

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Hi Seth,

I'd be tempted to think that because these disks aren't validated by
Dell (not sure of the spec, but it's unlikely) that the PERC won't
display them or allow you to use them. There are lists of these disks if
you want them, I can dig them out, but they are all listed under the
MD1000/3000 docs.

You need either a different HBA or array :-(



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I am trying to connect a PowerEdge R805 with a Perc6/E add in board to a

Infortrend A24S-R2130 SAS array.

The link lights on the Perc6/E on the rear come on as well as on the 
Rear of the Infortrend unit.

I have created a LUN on the Infortrend A24S which is exported via 
channel0 on the rear which is connected to channel0 on the Perc6/E.

When I enter the Ctrl-R menu on the Perc6/E I see no unconfigured disks.
When I got the PD Mgmt page in the Ctrl-R bios I see only the following 

Drive	ID	Vendor	Size	Type	State	DG
--:--:	17	IFT	0	SAS	Failed	

On the right of this in the info box it correctly displays the Product 
ID A24S-R2130, revision 361B, Write Cache N/A, Smart Status No error, 
Operation None.

Can anyone explain what is going wrong here?

Kind regards,

Seth Mos

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