Connecting a External SAS enclosure to a Perc6/E

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Tue Sep 23 05:59:43 CDT 2008


I am trying to connect a PowerEdge R805 with a Perc6/E add in board to a 
Infortrend A24S-R2130 SAS array.

The link lights on the Perc6/E on the rear come on as well as on the 
Rear of the Infortrend unit.

I have created a LUN on the Infortrend A24S which is exported via 
channel0 on the rear which is connected to channel0 on the Perc6/E.

When I enter the Ctrl-R menu on the Perc6/E I see no unconfigured disks.
When I got the PD Mgmt page in the Ctrl-R bios I see only the following 

Drive	ID	Vendor	Size	Type	State	DG
--:--:	17	IFT	0	SAS	Failed	

On the right of this in the info box it correctly displays the Product 
ID A24S-R2130, revision 361B, Write Cache N/A, Smart Status No error, 
Operation None.

Can anyone explain what is going wrong here?

Kind regards,

Seth Mos

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